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The Burden of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) – Part 1

A crisis of catastrophic proportion emerging in India currently is the rising burden of non-communicable diseases, labelled briefly as NCDs.  These do not cause havoc in the lives of people all at once but kill them one by one. Gradually sapping the vital energy of persons, such diseases cause much pain, misery, disability and premature deaths, leaving in their wake unbearable suffering and penury for all the near and dear ones – children and mothers in particular.

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Care Child Cancer Live Telecast

A Live telecast in Daijiowrld 24*7 – Kaal Aaz ani Faalyam on the subject of Child Cancer and our Aim was held from 9.00 to 10.00pm on October 4, 2018. Dr B Shantharam Baliga, Dr Rita Noronha and Mr Herald Moras represented CEDSE – Care Child Cancer. Dr Baliga spoke on Child cancer – types, symptoms, causes and need for prevention and health promotion.  Information about CEDSE – vision, mission, initiatives in relation to justice, healing and sustainable development including the origin and progress of the childhood cancer programme was provided by Dr Rita Noronha.

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Joy for little ones

Every child has a right to play or leisure. This right is often denied to children who are under long-term and frequent admission in the hospital for serious ailments such as cancer. One method adopted by us at CEDSE CCC was to distribute toys to all children (not only children directly under out care) whenever an event is arranged in the oncology wards of the three hospitals we cover. The ward would transform into a play centre with children forgetting their pain for some time and parents sharing in their joy. Age appropriate and safe toys do bring some joy into the lives of children.

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