Goal and Objectives

The goal of Care Child Cancer: To contribute to the process and outcomes of ensuring the right to life/survival, security and holistic development of children among the marginalized groups.

Objectives of Care Child Cancer:

  • Contribute to the improvement in survival rate among affected children by ensuring quality medical and emotional care
  • Ensure continuity of treatment (without gaps and dropping out) among the affected children during the stages of therapy and maintenance (periodic medical check-ups to ensure the disease has not surfaced again) by regular follow up, guidance and financial help were essential.
  • Provide essential financial support to the affected by mobilizing available schemes/funds from the government, corporate, other concerned donors and civil society groups.
  • Arrange medical supplies at reduced costs from drug companies and pharmacies/ medical suppliers
  • Ensure more effective parental care to the affected children and other children in the family by providing psychological support and where essential financial support (in cases where available schemes from the government have been accessed to the maximum extent or cannot be accessed due to one or more reasons)
  • Spread awareness about the types of cancers affecting children, their symptoms and treatment options available among various stakeholders to ensure timely diagnosis and treatment
  • Undertake preventive and promotional health interventions at the community and institutional level to address the avoidable factors responsible for cancer
  • Mobilize volunteers and resource persons to provide other supportive services
  • Collaborate with Government and Non-government organizations to ensure more effective policies and schemes to fulfil the needs of cancer affected children in particular and child rights in general
  • Evolve a replicable model of service which could be disseminated for adoption by others
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