Our Services

  1. Financial Support: We support the families of cancer affected children to meet the expenses incurred towards the treatment of the child by mobilization of funds for the following purposes:
  • Cover the costs of  medications/drugs and investigative procedures
  • Meet the expenses of travel and boarding of parents who arrive with the affected child for treatment from distant places
  1. Arranging for blood: Leukemia (Blood cancer) occupies a major share among the different cancers seen in children. With early detection and with the right treatment it can be cured. In the process of treatment of leukaemia, children require additional supplies of fresh blood and stored blood. We maintain a database of Donors whom we contact as per the need and make arrangements for the same.
  2. Counselling and Psychological Support: We provide counselling and Emotional support to the affected children and their parents. This service is extended to not only those who are supported with finances but also other affected children and their parents.
  3. Medicines at affordable cost: Cancer drugs at wholesale prices with some discounts are made available to affected children and for this, we have tie-ups with medical distributors.
  4. Nutritional supplements: We have also made attempts to provide nutritional supplements to children under our care in partnership with some of our collaborators.
  5. Awareness: Awareness about the disease forms a very significant step which can result in early detection and complete cure. We focus on spreading awareness of the disease, its symptoms, factors that contribute to its emergence, therapies available for treatment, measures for prevention at the institutional and community levels.
  6. Palliative Care Service: In some cases when an affected child fails to respond to the treatment and is in a critical stage, we provide palliative care service to the ailing child.

Our future plans:

  1. Health promotional activities: We wish to undertake initiatives to promote physical, psychological and ecological health to control the rising incidence of cancer.
  2. Sustainable source of funding: We seek to establish a sustainable source of funding to offer financial and psychological support to the increasing number of affected children/families who are in situations of extreme distress after the child is diagnosed with cancer or during protracted periods of treatments and even in cases of unfortunate demise of their loved one.
  3. Support for Education: Efforts will be made to support affected children and their siblings to continue their education by linking them to sponsors and organizations.
  4. Research Studies: We wish to continue our research attempts to explore not only the socio-economic conditions but also the ecological factors that are associated with childhood cancers. Attempts will be continued on a systematic basis to pool information and research findings available on childhood cancer.
  5. Disseminating knowledge: Efforts will also be made to disseminate information on childhood cancer and related issues of significance through print and digital media among concerned stakeholders.
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