CEDSE (Reg.) is a charitable trust established in the year 1991 to take forward the work undertaken by its founders with other civil society agencies, educational institutions and the departments of the government to ensure justice for the marginalized groups especially women and children.

Vision: “A society where there is justice, healing and ecological harmony”

Mission: Function as a resource centre that contributes to inclusive/ sustainable human development by promoting/ facilitating replicable interventions (such as, development models, policies and training modules)with focus on the marginalized sections of society especially women and children.

CEDSE Services and Programs:

  1. Mission of Healing: CEDSE has initiated programs such as Care Child Cancer, Palliative Care (Ave Maria) for the terminally ill and various therapeutic training programs directed at promoting health and preventing disease. Counselling services inclusive of referral are also offered.
  2. Mission of Justice: Promoting/ facilitating organizations of the marginalised to seek justice and develop themselves through collective action, support to persons suffering from injustice and violence, training facilitators to work towards gender justice and inclusive/ sustainable human development and research studies, reports and training manuals on the subjects of Good Governance, Gender Justice and inclusive human development are the major activities in this area facilitated by CEDSE, often in collaboration with government and other civil society groups.
  3. Ecological Harmony: Campaigns and training programs on organic farming, consumption of millet-based diet, rainwater harvesting and ecologically sustainable development are organised.
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